Ruth Andoh-Baxter, Transcend

Psychotherapist, Ad.Dip. CP MNCS (Acc.)

Welcome to the Transcend web page. Please take time to read through the various services on offer and do get in touch if you have any queries.

My name is Ruth Andoh-Baxter and Transcend is my private consultancy. With a three-year Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling I have the professional qualifications and an in-depth knowledge of the various therapy modalities providing a foundation that enables me to try to assist others in their quest for personal and professional development.

But therapy, listening to and helping others to help themselves is about more than qualifications, it is about compassion and empathy.

Working with people from different walks of life, different cultures, ages and perspectives is a great privilege and also a great responsibility - how can we hope to 'help' another person if we have pre-conceived beliefs about what is and isn't 'normal', whatever that may be! Truth is, there is no such thing as 'normal' - human beings are diverse and complex and we each face different journeys and life challenges and possess attributes and flaws. For some, the challenges they face are outside of the parameters many may feel able to understand, accept or live with, so they attempt to hide or control certain behaviours; the problem is, when we suppress something with energy behind it, it has a tendency to enter our lives in different, sometimes more forceful and destructive ways. In other words, it doesn't go away; other peoples problems then, become our problems too and society's problem. Whatever our perspective and journey, we are all a unique part of the Human Race.

EQ - Emotional Intelligence is a quality that can help us forge more positive relationships using empathy as a platform and, when things go wrong in life as they invariably do, we can work towards acceptance, ownership, healing, restoration and conflict resolution.

Throughout my personal life I have faced many challenges, disappointments and losses. For me, loss has been an ongoing and integral part of my life. Loss hurts but we must come to terms with even the worst pain in time as life will go on around us, regardless of what is going on within our own lives. We must learn to overcome testing changes in our lives and often life can feel like a process of holding on and letting go. There are astonishing examples of this all around us as we travel through this wonderful gift called life. Perhaps you have felt similarly?

Today, many people as well as losing 'things' or 'people', they lose their way and become crushed with feelings of failure, low self-esteem and hopelessness; at the root of these feelings may be a void that needs filling, creating a lack of individual purpose. Our existence is not an accident or a mistake, we are meant to be here! How we choose to use the precious time we have been given between birth and death is to much extent within our own control. Do you know your individual purpose? Your individual purpose is not comparable to anyone else's - it is all about you. It is what makes you feel complete, content and at peace with yourself.

The Transcend model of therapy is based on the principle that if something needs fixing, something must be missing - a loss exists. Many of us have experienced losses of different types in our lives but how we choose to cope with our losses and to fill the void dictates how our lives will play out. We fill losses with different things, some are good for our emotional well-being, others aren't. Some of these replacement strategies seem positive, but aren't so good for those who care about us and the people around us. Transcend is about addressing that. In my fifties, I feel I have the life experiences and professional skills to help others in their journey of personal development and positive transformation.

Be individually empowered. Transcend.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. Now let's focus on you!