Kind comments from Transcend clients. Thank you.

"Ruth was recommended by a friend during a period of my life when I was feeling very lost and overwhelmed with self doubt. At first I found it difficult at first to share my feelings out loud, however Ruth always made me feel comfortable, listening and responding from a kind and empathetic place. From all we have talked through I feel mentally stronger and more balanced, I am able to recognise how I had previously let negative thoughts rule my mind, and also I am starting to accept myself more. Ruth has an unlimited amount of valuable guidance and help to give. Thank you for supporting me throughout my healing process." ARY

"Frankly I’m quite evangelical about Transcend. Ruth has been the most tremendous support during one of the hardest periods of my life. I have never known a therapist to achieve Ruth’s perfect balance of compassionate support and specific, pragmatic tools and advice. These tools now reside in my mind and I use them daily. I can say without hesitation, not only did Ruth save my life but she has given me such a solid toolkit, she has made me a stronger, happier person for life. I can’t thank her enough." EKO

"Ruth was recommended to me at a time in my life when I was emotionally at a pretty low point in my life. I was going through the family courts and hadn’t seen my child for over a year, and it took a heavy emotional toll on me which I was finding hard to manage. Ruth has a very warm personality and gave me a safe comfortable space where we could talk about all the things that scared me, the things that made me angry / sad, and the situation I found myself in. Ruth helped pull me out of a place of darkness, and showed me ways to avoid returning there. The situation in my life remains, is no less difficult, but I can recognise when I’m heading back towards that hole, and take steps to avoid it and remain myself and on top of everyday life. I wholeheartedly recommend you talk to Ruth if you’re looking for a good, kind and friendly therapist." GS

"As a man in the latter stages of life who had battled throughout with gender-identity issues, Ruth helped me to come to a place of acceptance as to who I am and for the firs​t time in my life, I felt it was OK to be me - a woman trapped in a man's body. My only regret is that I was not able to realise t​his earlier on in life due to societal attitudes and sadly was unable to transition as I would have liked. Thank you Ruth!" VC

"Ruth and I worked together on my deep feelings of inadequacy due to childhood abuse. Together we released feelings of shame, guilt, anger, pain which I had hidden and buried for too long. It was a painful process and there were many tears but one which freed me to be me the woman I was always meant to be; empowered. Ruth helped me come to terms with my experiences and through our carefully structured work together, I realised I was a survivor, a victor and not a victim. That was so empowering. Thanks Ruth for your support - it made such a difference to my life and I can now look forward rather than backwards. I am free." SA

"A friend recommended Transcend Therapy to me and after thinking it through for quite some months, reluctantly I booked a first session with Ruth (I'd always thought therapy was for 'other people', not me). I am so glad I did! We worked together on my long-term anxiety issues linked to childhood neglect, loss and bereavement and over the months, all I can say is I felt a huge weight lifting off my shoulders. I was able to re-prioritise my life and put me first, something I had always felt guilty about doing before. Ruth helped my self-esteem to the extent that I am now thinking about 'playing it forward' and helping others with past trauma and embarking on a counselling course myself. It's been transformational and I would recommend Ruth to anyone thinking of embarking on therapy but perhaps feeling held back from doing so for whatever reason. Her approach is professional, kind, compassionate and non-judgemental. Being able to share my deepest thoughts and experiences in complete confidence was life-changing. Give it a go!" NU

"When I first started seeing Ruth I was so angry. Angry with the world, angry with some of the experiences I had had due to a long career in the forces, angry with myself for feeling a failure in life, angry with even finding myself needing therapy. I was one angry man! Ruth helped me to unravel what was fuelling the anger and I realised it was in fact pain linked to PTSD. Pain linked to a number of horrific experiences I had witnessed over the years. Yes, it was my job but I'm human first. Through our work together which included fitting a punch bag in my garage (!), I learnt a lot about myself and how to channel anger positively. The anger had poisoned every area of my life including relationships; it was impossible for me to make a relationship last because understandably, most women ran a mile once they witnessed my angry outbursts. The therapy journey started with me entering the room angry and leaving it feeling calm and empowered to get on with the rest of my life and put the past where it belongs - in the past." MC

"When I came to see Ruth, I was self-harming regularly (cutting myself) - a habit I had been doing since I was eight-years-old. I'm now 50. Ruth and I worked together on a steady but slow pace on my feelings of self-loathing, anxiety, anger. It was a long process and it took me some time to trust Ruth and trust the process but thanks to her gentle, calm approach, gradually I let my guard down and as time progressed, through our work something pretty amazing happened. I realised one day at session that I had not cut myself for four months! I couldn't believe it myself but Ruth had been closely monitoring this area of my life, quietly and stealthily helping me to channel my anxiety in less harmful ways. She was fully aware that the self-harm was subsiding but I actually hadn't noticed how I had not needed to do it! It was so strange. I don't think I will need to cut myself again because I now have other ways of releasing anxiety, frustration, pain and anger. I also know how to make myself heard - Ruth helped a lot with that. Thank you." CD

"Everyone is talking about mental health these days so don't be afraid to take care of yours! I'm glad I took that first step to sorting my head out; I'm still in therapy as my issues are deep-rooted and tied-up with childhood abuse. It will take time to lift the layers off everything I have been through as my childhood was pretty awful, but we're getting there. Ruth has a kind, focused approach - you really feel she gets you, well I do. Talking to someone who listens without judging and gets it is such a relief. I felt trapped most of my life, trapped in the past, ashamed, that's starting to change. Thanks Ruth." MH

"Ruth was recommended to me at a hard personal time and her help was invaluable. Ruth is a natural listener and has the ability and experience to understand, support and suggest practical solutions. My time with Ruth has opened my eyes and certainly soothed my turbulence." PS