Transcend Services

Fees Per Hour

Monday to Sunday

Surrey Hills and Online

  • £60 Individual - in person 
  • £40 Individual - online
  • £120 Couple - in person 
  • £100 Couple - online 
  • Bupa - please ask
  • Concessions - low income, unemployed, students 18+

Counselling & Psychotherapy aka 'talking therapy' is a process of active listening, enabling clients to find the answers to the questions in their lives by talking to someone impartially in a non-judgemental space. That can be empowering. In confidence, you can share with another person your innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, anxieties and on occasion anger! Our work together can help you using a variety of therapy techniques enabling you to come to a place where you accept who you are, including failings and accept others too. On completion of our confidential work together, you can close the door knowing our professional relationship stays there.

We all experience problems in life. Sometimes we can manage them ourselves, sometimes we need help to manage them or simply someone impartial to listen, perhaps affirming what we may already know. There is power in affirmation.

Did you know that when we listen more than we speak, we hear and learn more? Also, often it's what a person doesn't say that is worth exploring as well as what they do say. That's what psychotherapy/counselling is about. Listening, hearing, understanding, empathising with behaviours and the feelings behind them. This enables us to evaluate what is going on in the conscious and sub-conscious mind - ultimately helping you to bring about positive change in your life.